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“Truly some of the best information and instruction in the Los Angeles area. Mark Franco, Sensei is thorough, committed, and deeply invested in sharing his vast knowledge of classical Japanese martial arts. Classes are challenging, stimulating, and fun!”


Mark A. Franco, L.Ac. (Dojo-Cho)

The West Los Angeles Dojo is headed by Mark Franco, L.Ac.​ He is a  recognized Shihan (Senior Instructor) in the Bujinkan under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, as well as a prominent practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

  • 1989 He began studying in the Bujinkan

  • 1998 Received a Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • 2001 Received his Shidoshi (Instructor) license.

  • 2012 Awarded Shihan License (Senior Instructor)

Although classical Japanese martial arts have been the main focus of Mark Franco's journey, he has also studied Tai Ji Chuan, Shing Yi Chuan aand Ba Gua Zhang, along with Daoist Chi Gong, Nei Gong and Zen Buddhism (zazen/meditation), as well as Shinto Yoshin Ryu (Takamura Ha).

Associate Instructors

Stuart Paul, Shidoshi-Ho

Stuart (Stu) Paul has been practicing in the West Los Angeles Dojo since 2006. His dedication and sincerity have earned him a San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) and Shidoshi-Ho (Assistant Instructor) in the Bujinkan. He has had experiencerience in other asian arts as well. Stu is an inspiration to students and teaches classes at the West Los Angeles Dojo.

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Taggert Peebles, Sandan

At the age of six, Taggert was intorduced to martial arts and began studying Shaolin Kenpo Karate for three years. While in college, he took a semester course in Shotokan Karate. In 2007, he began his studies of classical Japanese martial arts in the Jinenkan Los Angeles Dojo, where he achieved the rank of Shodan (1st Level/Degree Black Belt). Throughout this time he gradually transitioned into the Bujinkan at the West Los Angeles Dojo and he currently holds the rank of San Dan (3rd Level/Degree Black Belt). His experience, knowledge and dedication has lent itself to his ability to guide students through the curriculum. His sincere approach along with his ability to disseminate clear information and movement, makes Taggert a leader in the dojo.