About Our Dojo

The West Los Angeles Dojo has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop coordination, cultivate self discipline, and confidently move forward in their learning journey. Known as the leading Classical Japanese Martial Arts School in the Los Angeles area, we provide classes to support students from all backgrounds and levels.

Classical Japanese Martial Arts refers to the skills and strategies born in combat and utilized by the Samurai during the warring states period in Japan. These styles continued to develop and systematized and are termed "Ryu-ha" (current, stream, style).

Within the West Los Angeles Dojo, under the current headmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, Soke, we draw from the tradition of nine Ryu-ha, each with it's own unique skill and focus. Even though these nine schools are unique in their own way, they are also very related to each other, and in this way can be studied concurrently. Also, within these or styles there exists ninpo and ninjutsu.

Ninpo & Ninjutsu

"Ninjutsu is the highest form of taijutsu"
-Hatsumi, Masaaki

Much of what has been depicted through media regarding Ninja and Ninjutsu portrays a shadowy figure dressed in black garb. Historically, the Ninja or Shinobi were a specialized group of warriors utilizing unconventional martial art applications, methodologies, and strategies for combat, intelligence gathering and special covert operations. One could compare the Ninja to the special forces of that era. Ninpo & Ninjutsu harmoniously are the balance of the spirituality, philosophy (Ninpo) and physical training (Ninjutsu).