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Our mission

is to provide the highest quality of education, and develop the individual students’ confidence, coordination and self-discipline through challenging experiences in a non-competitive group environment, with the intent of cultivating ones body, mind and Spirit through concentrated practice of weapons and unarmed techniques of classical Japanese martial arts

Truly some of the best information and instruction in the Los Angeles area. Mark is thorough, committed, and deeply invested in sharing his vast knowledge of classical Japanese martial arts. Classes are challenging, stimulating, and fun!”

Ninpo Budo Taijutsu Training


Our Dojo

The West Los Angeles Dojo teaches classical Japanese martial arts, which date back during the samurai era. Classes are taught in a traditional and non-competitive environment, which focus on 

  • Coordination

  • Discipline

  • Confidence

  • Fitness


Unarmed Fighting

You will practice the un-armed combative methods of classical Japanese Jujutsu (Taijutsu) which includes

  • Receiving/Tumbling (Ukemi)

  • Hand Escapes (Te Hodoki)

  • Throwing (Nage Waza)

  • Joint locking (Kansetsu Waza)

  • Striking (Atemi)

  • Choking (Shime Waza)

  • Ground Techniques (Ne Waza)

Weapons Training

You will develop proficiency in a wide array of classical Japanese weapons, which were used on the battlefield that include include

  • Sword (Kenjutsu)

  • Knife (Tantojutsu)

  • Stave (Bojutsu)

  • Spear (Yarijutsu)

  • Halberd (Naginatajutsu)

  • Truncheon (Jutte)

  • Throwing Blades (Shurikenjutsu)